Throughout the spring, summer, and fall, we grow a variety of fresh flowers and seasonal foliage. We love foraging and cutting from the garden. Varieties of geranium foliage from citronella to trailing beauties. Stems of black miniature peppers, mint, lemon balm, rosemary, lemon thyme, artichoke foliage, hosta leaves, tomatillo branches, flowering dogwood, false spiraea, bladder campion, bougainvillea, hops, heuchera, variegated Swedish ivy, and Northern sea oats. Fruit branches like crab apple, red currants, raspberry, and calamondin. Flowers include tulips, hyacinths, hydrangeas, lilac, lily of the valley, dahlias, Solomon's seal, and bleeding hearts. We also support other local flower growers and we are a member of The Local Flower Collective in Toronto.

Other than seasonally-grown local flowers, there are many flower varieties grown year-round in Ontario. These flowers include mums, agapanthus, daisies, larkspur, delphiniums, sunflowers, peonies, gladiolas, snapdragons, lilies, gerbera daisies, lavender, spring bulbs, stock, calla lilies, freesia, anthuriums, filler flowers, and more. For more information on Ontario-grown flowers, visit pickontario.ca.


Flowers, including roses, are grown with environmentally and socially sustainable standards are marked with“VeriFlora”, “Fair Trade”, “Florverde”, "Sierra Eco", and "Rainforest Alliance” labels. Each of whom represents significant steps towards a fully responsible industry. These labels support and markets the sale of flowers from independently certified environmentally and socially responsible farms.

These are flowers produced on farms that have been independently audited to confirm that they meet the social and environmental standards set by the labeling program. This means that third party independent professionals go to the farms on an annual basis and investigate their compliance. Like all good auditors, they have multiple ways of verifying that the farms are meeting high environmental standard and that they are acting as responsible employers.


We have close ties with local growers & farms who supply the highest quality of products such as succulents, herbs, mosses, ferns, lavender, air plants, flowering trees, shrubs, flowering plants, bulbs, and orchids. We only source locally and do not import any of our living growing products. We visit the growers once a week and hand-select our plants. 

Some centrepiece options: 

-Terrariums with succulents, air plants, mosses, and living stones

-A large variety of potted green and flowering plants

-Potted lavender

We have also made entire bridal and bridesmaids bouquets using plants, which included succulents, lavender, ferns, and herbs.


-Ontario-native tree saplings


-Cut lavender


We make every effort to source used and vintage giftware and product lines at our floral studio. This saves them from landfills and gives them another life to be beautiful and hold flowers again. We can use this same philosophy if you would like us to source second-hand or vintage vases for your event or wedding.

Another option is renting vases from us, which may save us from buying new product. Know that the vases you are renting are bound for re-use again.